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Welcome to the “new website” of the Cotton Owners and Enthusiasts Club.  The goal of this website is to introduce the Cotton Motorcycle Marque to a worldwide audience, as well as to provide an on-line presence for the membership of the Cotton Owners and Enthusiasts Club.

As this is a new site being developed on a volunteer basis, please check back often to see how we are updating and improving this site.

In Gloucester during the 1920s Cotton was ‘the bike’ and Willoughby Cotton was the man. The legendary Stanley Woods and star factory rider Fred Morgan were victorious at the Isle of Man TTs. The success of Cotton’s triangulated frame was assured.

After the Second World War, Cotton launched a new series of road bikes in 1954. Every local boy’s ambition was to ride a Cotton and many did. In the 60s, the company branched out and made both road and off road bikes. The Villiers-engined competition bikes including the road racers, scramblers and the trials bikes were especially successful through the 1960s, notably with Derek Minter on the Cotton Telstar.

In spite of its small size, Cotton scored many impressive victories and captured the imagination of generations of Cotton enthusiasts. Cotton lasted until the 1980s, marking over 60 years of motorcycle production.

This website is dedicated to the growing number of Cotton enthusiasts everywhere.